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Here and Now


17/6/ – 30/10 2016
27th Brno Biennial
Moravian Gallery in Brno
Off Programme exhibition



"A piece of work is not finished until the audience come to it and add their own interpretation."
– David Bowie, BBC Newsnight interview (1999)

By its very nature an exhibition is meant to be shown to the public and trigger reactions.

Here and Now is a simple sound installation that aims to complete the creative loop, between the exhibitor and their public, within the exhibition space.

Visitors are invited to speak up – into a recording device – while they experience the exhibition. Their opinions and thoughts are then broadcast through a directional speaker, installed in a suitable spot within the space, for the duration of the exhibition.

The audience’s responses and interpretations therefore become an integral part of the exhibition; an exhibit in themselves. In that sense Here and Now reflects authentic reactions felt on the spot, at this particular place and particular time.